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    Post Covid-19 Lockdown: Business Strategy & Remuneration

    The buzz-phrase ‘new norm’ is now part of everyone’s vocabulary. And while an end to any form of lockdown seems unlikely in the near future, only those companies that are fully prepared for the ‘new norm’ will survive. And, indeed, prosper. At present, many companies are battling for cash with debtors days growing, reduced turnover […]

    Davos & Remuneration

    Executive remuneration received some very important pointers for South African companies to take note of. Stakeholder capitalism was a key topic at Davos and received support from many CEO’s who attended the WEF. Last year the WEF published a new “Davos Manifesto” titled “The Universal Purpose of a Company in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” They […]

    Is Bob van Dijk’s billion rand windfall fair?

    Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk sold nearly R1 billion worth of shares in the company and expects to reinvest most of the funds back into the Naspers group in the form of bonds. Laurence Grubb, CEO of Khokhela Remuneration Advisors joins CNBC Africa for more.

    Remuneration Increase Expectations for 2019

    Khokhela Consulting’s Actual / Predicted Increase Survey for 2018 shows that average increases on Basic Salary were 6.6% and Total Package 6.0%. This is above the inflation rate of 4.9% as at September 2018. On average increases for 2018 were 6.3% which is lower than what was granted in 2017 with the average increase being […]

    The importance of getting the Pay Mix right

    The importance of getting the pay mix right for the different roles in your company especially sales staff Pay mix is the proportion that the guaranteed pay (GP) and variable pay (VP) make-up of the total pay. There are two ways of expressing it: % of total pay being 100% % of guaranteed pay being […]

    Making or breaking performance in an economic crisis

    The current challenges in the South African economy see businesses cutting costs at every corner in order to survive. An alternative solution to improving profitability in a turbulent market is to focus more on increasing revenue.  What would it mean to your business if your sales team could increase their sales by 10% or increase […]

    NEWSLETTER: Khokhela Directors Remuneration Report 2018

    Khokhela Directors Remuneration Report Trends & Highlights – June 2018 The trends highlighted in this report are derived from the analysis of Khokhela’s extensive database of the remuneration of non-executive and executive director remuneration for JSE listed companies with an annual turnover of R250 million or more. The analysis is for the period 2011 to […]

    King IV Guide to Remuneration Governance

    SOUTH AFRICAN REWARD ASSOCIATION LAUNCHES KING IVTM GUIDE TO REMUNERATION GOVERNANCE Laurence Grubb, MD of Khokhela Consulting, was proud to be included in the team of reward specialists that crafted the remuneration guidelines for King IV. King IV was released in November 2016 and is only applicable to integrated reports relating to financial years ending […]

    Paying it Forward

    Anton Leal, the founder from X-Link is a firm believer that if a company sets up the right rewards scheme, the right output will be received from the employees. In assisting Anton in achieving his goal, Khokhela Consulting was X-Link’s trusted remuneration advisor. Khokhela designed the reward schemes and assisted X-Link in implementing and managing […]

    SARA Professionalisation Event

    On the 7th June SARA held their Professionalisation Event on the topic of King IV where Laurence Grubb the MD at Khokhela Consulting spoke about Fair and Responsible Pay. Click on the links below to see the full video and presentation: Presentation – Laurence Grubb: Fair and Responsible Pay Video – Laurence Grubb: Presentation […]

    NEWSLETTER: Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

    EQUAL PAY FOR WORK OF EQUAL VALUE The question that arises then is what do the words “same” and “same value” mean? The concept of “equal pay for equal work” was coined to ensure fairness and equity in the workplace with regard to the payment of wages and/or salaries to employees doing the same type […]

    NEWSLETTER: Bank Premiums Paid to Non-Executive Directors

    BANK PREMIUMS PAID TO NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Khokhela Consulting has conducted an analysis on fees paid to non-executives of large banks versus large JSE listed companies. The remuneration information captured includes fees paid to non-executive directors in the form of a retaining fee and/or fees per meetings held in a financial year. Khokhela’s Directors Remuneration Database […]

    8th Annual Actual and Predicted Increase Survey

    8th Annual Actual and Predicted Increase Survey Khokhela Consulting’s 8th annual Actual/ Increase Survey publication shows that the average increase for 2016 was 5.8% which is slightly below the average inflation rate of 6.2% for 2016. Overall predicted increases for 2017 on Total Package are expected to be 6.1% on average, with unionised staff receiving […]

    SABC News, Your World – Khokhela releases its annual Directors Remuneration report

    WATCH: Live interview with Laurence Grubb, MD of Khokhela on the releases their annual Directors Remuneration report.

    FIN24 – CEOs of JSE-listed firms rake in about R13m – report

    The Directors Remuneration report by Khokhela, a specialist remuneration consultancy, has been produced annually since 2009. It highlights and analyses the remuneration paid to directors of JSE-listed companies with an annual turnover of R200m or more.