Directors Report

The Khokhela Directors Remuneration database includes data from JSE listed companies from 2009 to present as well as data from selected SOE’s. Data is updated monthly on release of company annual reports for those companies who have an annual turnover of R250 million or more. Each company’s page includes the following information:

  • Description of company
  • Executive directors name and annual remuneration details
  • Non-executive directors name and annual fees
  • Financial information (e.g. revenue, pre-tax profits, staff costs, total assets etc.)

What are the Benefits?

  • As a shareholder you need to have an understanding of how the directors of your company are being remunerated in relation to a comparator group of companies and if remuneration it linked to performance.

  • Your responsibility is to ensure that the executive’s remuneration is line with an appropriate comparator group of companies based on both size and industry and is linked to performance

  • The CEO needs ensure that the executive team is adequately remunerated in relation to a group of comparator companies to ensure retention and attraction of new executives.

  • A holistic view of directors remuneration is needed across various categories i.e. comparators groups, size, industries and general market trends in order to validate any proposals presented to RemCo and the Board.

  • A general understanding of the market is needed to ensure that when analysing board packs, decisions made are based on confirmed market trends.