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Our core focus is to add value to our clients by assisting them in engaging the talent within their businesses to enhance their productivity and ultimately improve the bottom line. We do this by:

  • designing reward policies and practices which include incentive and recognition schemes that encourage and reward performance
  • designing and assisting in the implementation of simple, easy to use and effective performance management processes and scorecards
  • Assisting companies with the development of strategies that create vision and direction for their organisations

Khokhela Remuneration Advisors vision is to become a well-respected boutique, niche consultancy built on long-term relationships with selected key clients.

Khokhela achieves this vision through dynamic teams developing cutting-edge industry knowledge which cultivates long lasting relationships. Creating ‘interactive partnerships’ is at the core of Khokhela’s value proposition. We strongly believe that in order to provide meaningful, long-term solutions we need to develop enduring relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual respect.

Khokhela works in both the private and public sectors and has developed strong relationships with large listed organisations, medium sized firms, family owned companies and state owned enterprises.

The Khokhela team consists of experienced professionals with a ‘fire in the belly’ sense of energy, a curious propensity for gathering knowledge, an eye for detail and a relationship-driven customer focus. It is these qualities that ensure that solutions are delivered timeously, intuitively, and with our customers business at heart.


Xlink Communications had an ongoing challenge to manage the reward and financial expectations between our funders, our technology partner and the take to market team, as the business started to grow and become profitable. In 2007, the reward and remuneration subject was becoming a serious issue and compromising the business; this is where Khokhela came on board to provide remuneration advice.

With the expertise and inputs of Khokhela we embarked on the following projects and exercise.

  • Guaranteed pay assessments
  • Short term incentive
  • Sales commission scheme
  • Long term incentive

The above initiatives really helped to motivate and retain the team, to the extent the business achieved some exceptional results and also created a fair balance between the shareholders and the operators. Although the XLink Business was not listed, from a comparative perspective, it outperformed the top ten companies on the JSE over the period 2008 to2016, in terms of ROI.

In summary, fair remuneration and rewards are critical to the success of any business and many businesses, fail to adopt or implement the appropriate plans and schemes, which can result in below average performance. Laurence Grubb and the Khokhela team provided great insights and a wonderful service to the XLink business. I would highly recommend their services.