Welcome to Khokhela

Khokhela Remuneration Advisors core focus is to add value to clients by assisting them in designing remuneration and reward solutions that engage the talent within their businesses to enhance their productivity and ultimately, improve the bottom line. Strategy hits the tarmac when remuneration is linked to performance which is aligned to company goals. We assist clients in developing their strategy and designing performance measures and processes to ensure the strategy is implemented properly.

The name Khokhela originates from the isiXhosa word – ukukhokhela “to lead” and the isiZulu word inkokhelo “pay, salaries or wages” and fully encapsulates our vision to be leaders in these core areas of competence.

Why choose Khokhela

  • We love what we do!
  • We don’t employ middle men, you work directly with our professional team.
  • We add real value to our clients.
  • We have developed long-term, well established relationships over several years.
  • We have many years of experience in remuneration, consulting and line management.
  • We offer a flexible and urgent approach by moving quickly and adapting to changes required by clients.
  • We strongly believe in keeping it simple and effective.
  • Khokhela Remuneration Advisors is the go to consulting company because, we consult, advise, coach, mentor and train your team members in Reward and Performance. We have an interactive and collaborative process and buy-in and skills transfer are part of our deliverables.
  • Our entity is a Level 4 on the BEE scorecard.
  • We believe in and have made a proactive effort to contribute to the process of transformation in South Africa which is reflected through our business activities.

Our Clients